Write up: Fierce Flamingo vintage photo shoot


My sister, Elin, and I were thrilled to be the first to sign up for a vintage makeover and shoot with the ladies of Fierce Flamingo, Lisa Moore and Donna-Lee Lewis. Growing up as the daughters of two budding photographers we are far from camera shy but it was something special to be made up in our favourite era, with the choice of Lisa’s vintage collection and any personal pieces we wanted to bring along.  Click me to continue reading…


Photo shoot with Fierce Flamingo


Some personal snapshots of the day we spent being made up in vintage outfits, with hairstyles and make up to match!

Our last location of the day was Stradey Castle in Llanelli, where we were joined by three Morris Minors and a Triumph. With my red lipstick and massive hair, for a few short hours, I felt like a genuine Hollywood starlet .

Photos and styling by Fierce Flamingo a collaboration between Vintage Falls and Donna-Lee Photography


I’m ready for my close up…

I'm ready for my close up...

So last week my sister and I signed up to be the first customers/guinea pigs of a collaboration between vintage collector Lisa Moore and photographer Donna-Lee Lewis.

Seperately they run Vintage Falls and Donn-Lee Photography but together they are the mighty and fabulous force Fierce Flamingo.

600 photographs were taken over an eight hour period with eight costume changes, four hairstyles and three makeup changes. My sister and I are thrilled with the results, most of which are still being edited.

It really was a marvellous day considering we were so nervous and apprehensive at actually having to pout and pose for a camera.

More to follow!



Recent endeavours…


I’ve really been trying hard recently to get my notebook or sketch pad out as soon as I get up on my days off.

I’m pretty pleased with the results so far. This is my current sketching attempt and I’ve also been writing up an old idea for a children’s story.

I realised I was attempting to keep my boyfriend positive about his music but had really started slacking on my own creative outputs. I think I can consider myself back in the game!